Welcome to Heart & Soul Homeopathy


You`ve likely found your way here because you are looking for options and flexibility in your healthcare. You honour and love your body, want to nourish it and treat it with respect. When you are sick you want to feel better, but would rather do it naturally, without harsh drugs.

You know you would like to integrate more natural therapies into your life but may be feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start. Perhaps you have a long standing health concern that despite your valiant efforts is still nagging; or maybe you are simply looking for ways to strengthen your beautiful thriving body. You might have a million questions (or maybe just one big one) and with so many options and conflicting advice it can be easy to simply fall back into old patterns.

But no worries; you are here now and whether you are just starting out on your health journey or well on your way, we`ll sort it out together.

A little about me

Heart and Soul Homeopathy grew out of my deep passion and belief that health care should be gentle, non evasive and respectful; as such I strive to provide that at the core of all my patients care. Having navigated the alternative healthcare system myself, I understand how confusing and overwhelming it can become. I wanted to create a practice where patients felt welcome, relaxed enough to be themselves and really listened to about their health concerns.

I believe a healthier lifestyle should be Sustainable

This is why there are no cookie cutter solutions that work for everyone. Each family and individual I work with is treated as unique and a partner in their own health journey. My job is to support you along that journey to find long term solutions that fit your unique needs.

What you can expect to find here:

  • Comprehensive holistic care for the entire family
  • Mixed modality sessions for optimized health
  • Demystifying alternative health to find sustainable solutions tailor made for your unique needs

...Wouldn’t that be nice?

I thrive working with individuals that
  • Are ready to take an active role in their healthcare.
  • Approach life with a sense of humor
  • Ready to meet their full health potential
Are you ready to start feeling better?

Explore our menu of holistic services or if a personal touch is more your style book a free 20 min phone consult to find out how I can best address your unique needs.

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Hours & Location

157 Lakeshore Road East (Inside Healing Hands),
Mississauga, Ontario,
L5G 1G8
(416) 529-6489

Appointments available Mon – Sat

Top 5 Reasons to see a homeopath

  1. You want an approach to health that is as unique as you are
  2. You value preventative and natural healthcare
  3. You are tired of using harsh medications without relief
  4. You want someone to listen and treat you as a whole person not a disease
  5. You want to take an active role in your family’s health as a partner not just a consumer