Jul 7th

Have a Homeopathic summer!

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summer bumps and bruises Whether is a week long canoe trip, a weekend at the cottage or a bike ride to the local park; summertime brings with it a whole assortment of bumps and injuries. Having a homeopathic first aid kit handy can come in useful when away from home and out of reach of your regular homeopathic practitioner. I always recommend patients purchase one to take with them when they may not have easy access to a holistic pharmacy or health food store. There are several premade kits available for purchase but I feel it’s better to have your homeopath assist you in building your own as they will have a good idea of which remedies and potencies would work better for you and can explain how and when to apply these remedies.


Here are some of my favorites to include:

Arnica: bumps and bruises, and as a trauma remedy is a first choice in any injury. This remedy is useful to have as a cream or gel to apply externally. *Arnica should never be used by people who are on blood thinners. 

arnica gel for bumps and bruisesApis: For stings and bites that are red, hot, itchy and inflamed. Boiron’s Dapis gel is a God-send for mosquito bites and hives.

Belladonna: great remedy for sunstroke when the face is hot and red, there is little perspiration, pupils may be dilated and hands and feet cooler than the head. *It is important to hydrate someone suffering from sunstroke and move them to a cool place as soon as possible.

Bryonia: Strains and sprains that are worse with movement.

Calendula cream: to apply to sunburned skin or other minor skin conditions needing soothing.

Cantharsis: Another sunburn remedy where the skin is hot and itchy.

Hypericum: for nerve type injuries such as stubbed and cut fingers and toes.summer fun with kids

Ledum: first treatment for puncture wounds or eye injuries. *These wounds need to be properly cleaned to prevent infection, seek medical advice.

Ruta Grava: Aids with injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments, where there is bruising over the bone.

Rhus Tox: Overstraining pains that are stiff at first and improve with motion. Poison ivy.

Urtica Urnes: For burns, stinging nettles and jelly-fish stings. Good to have on hand as an ointment or gel to apply topically.

Your Constitutional: It is always a good idea to have a dose or two of your constitutional remedy on hand when travelling. Your homeopath can explain the best way to use this in acute situations or after an acute remedy.

It is important to remember that homeopathic first aid should not be regarded any differently that regular first aid, that is as a first treatment until appropriate medical care can be sought. It is always best to seek trained medical advice if a condition is intense, persistent, you are on any medications, have an underlying condition or if you have any doubts. It is always best to err on the side of caution. If there is no improvement after 3 doses it is probably the wrong remedy or potency.


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