Dec 12th

Holiday Fresh

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It’s hard not to be seduced at this time of year by holiday scented cleaning products and gimmicky little airfreshners promising to give your house that added holiday feel. But  having your house smell like a holiday wonderland to welcome friends and family does not have to come with all the toxic side effect of commercial products. You can get that lovely nostalgic scent experience with some easy homemade kitchen magic. Natural cleaners infused with rich smelling herbs and spices will not only give your home a warm naturally fresh scent, but are also healthier for your family and easier on your wallet. Try these simple recipes or experiment and give your home a unique scent that is all your own


Christmas Cleaner
To me the scent of clementines is forever merged with the smell of Christmas. These tangy little citrus fruits are abundant at this time of year and they can lend their fresh clean scent to your cleaning routine.

You will need:

  • White vinegar
  • Clementines (5-6) peels only!
  • Teaspoon of cloves
  • 2 cinnamon sticks

Eat the clementines, place the peels and spices in a 500ml Mason jar. Fill half way with white vinegar and top up with water. Pop on the lid and leave this at room temperature for about a week. Strain and put in a spray bottle for cleaning or dilute with water to wash floors. Vinegar is a powerful solvent and will easily cut through hard water buildup and grease. Test surfaces before cleaning.


Fresh & perky room deodorizer
Need a little extra freshness in a pinch? Try this easy alternative to toxic air fresheners

What you need:

  • Essential oils: pine, eucalyptus, neroli, peppermint (choose scents that complement each other or just one.)
  • Vodka
  • Spray bottle

Fill your spray bottle 2/3 full with water and top up with vodka. And 3-4 drops of each essential oil. Close and shake vigorously. Shake before each use to ensure freshener is well mixed. Caution spritzing on fabrics as some fabrics may stain- test first.

A little secret for a nice smelling home…
Place a pie plate with a little water, citrus peels, cinnamon and cloves on the stovetop while the oven is on. Most ovens have a vent that links to one of the rear burners. The heat escaping from the oven will warm the plate and help scent your home. Once dinner is finished cooking place the pie plate inside the oven, this will release the scent as the oven cools.

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