Sep 9th

Learning to Receive

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Today I had the lovely pleasure of spending the day at a workshop with a group of very talented and loving healers. They came from many walks of life and practiced many modalities, but we all had one quality in common and that is to help others on their healing journey. One of the first exercises we practiced as a group was bringing energy into ourselves and giving it to others. A curious thing came to light. We all discovered we had one more thing in common, that it was easier to give the energy than to receive it.

Looking back it is not so unusual, these are people whose job it is every day to facilitate the healing of others. Whether through midwifery or massage therapy or like myself, through homeopathy, we all give of ourselves to our patient. It becomes an Achilles heal of many holistic practitioners, and also a source of burn out. Even the most disciplined, able to limit the transference from their patient must do so at the expense of walling themselves off to some extent.

Through the exercises the rest of the day I reflected beyond the demographic of healers and realized that this inability to receive is applicable to many other groups of people. Parents or those caring for an elderly parent also must constantly give of themselves. People in the service industries or those who work in education are also constantly called upon to give.  Even society at large has turned receiving into something of a taboo, a sign of greed or weakness.

So the question arises, how do we learn to receive? We must open ourselves up to the abundance that is around us and realize that we cannot heal others indefinitely without replenishing our stores. We must be a “friend to ourselves” and welcome assistance when it comes without the need to instantly give something back. Not every gift requires an exchange, because sometimes it is just that, a gift.

Towards the end of the workshop I was receiving some lovely bodywork from a practitioner, we were supposed to have switched places but she had such a lovely intuitive touch that I simply allowed myself to float deeper into relaxation. When she was done I told her what a lovely feeling it was and instead of trading places she offered to do more, after an initial hesitation I allowed her to continue. I offered her a silent gratitude for the gift she lovingly gave me, that which another had given to her earlier. My hectic week melted, and I went from frazzled mom to empowered woman once again.

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