Homeopathy (includes remedy*)

Initial consultation (2hrs )- $200

Follow up appointments (45min- 1hr)- $80

Pediatric consultation ages under 12yrs (2hrs)-  $150

Pediatric follow up (45min-1hr)- $50

Other Services

Cranialsacral initial intake (80-90min) -$120

Cranialsacral (1hr session)- $80

Cranialsacral pediatric ages under 12yrs (45 min)- $50

Baby wellness-mixed modalities (30- 45min) – $50

Bach flowers consult (30min) $45 (includes remedy)

Bach flower refill- $8

Mixed modality for homeopathy (90min) – $125

Nutritional intake (1hr session) – $100

Nutritional follow up (30 min)- $45

Kinesiology Taping – Assessment (30min)- $35

Kinesiology Tape- Taping fee (only available in conjunction with other service) $10

Prenatal/perinatal Care

Full Service- full homeopathic  support for pregnancy, labor and newborn. Sessions may include a mixture of modalities (cranialsacral, nutritional coaching, Bach flowers)

  • 3 1hr prenatal sessions (1 per trimester) to address discomforts of pregnancy
  • Unlimited email support for acute questions (phone support at practitioners discretion)
  • preparing for labour session and building of  homeopathic birthing kit (remedies sold separately)
  • 1 perinatal visit housecall once you are home
  • 1 Baby wellness visit

——$ 500.00

*standard homeopathic remedies are included with fee. Bach flowers, gemmotherapy, herbal blends, and detoxing protocols charged separately