Sep 9rd

Back to school jitters?

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Summer is drawing to a close and soon it will be time for kids to go back to school and although my own kids can’t wait to hop on that bus and reconnect with friends, not all kids look forward to the experience. Separation anxiety, performance anxiety, shyness or learning challenges can all prevent a child from entering the academic environment with an open willingness to learn and thrive. Here are some tips for making this time a little easier for your reluctant Einstein.


Prepare ahead:  Don’t wait to the last second to prepare, taking a few weeks to prepare for the first day back can go a long way to making the transition smoother. Begin waking your child up and getting them dressed and fed by “school time” a couple of weeks before the end of holidays. This sets up the routine and establishes a soothing rhythm to the morning. Children find great comfort in knowing what to expect. Teachers go back to school long before the 1st week of September; make arrangements with your school to have your child visit the classroom and meet the teachers while the school is still empty and quiet, especially if they will be at a new school.  Make sure lunches are packed and cloths laid out the night before to free up time to be in the moment on back to school morning.


Make it special:  This is an exciting journey your child is embarking on, make it a special occasion by having a back to school breakfast! I always loved back to school because it meant new pencils and shoes. Keep it simple, there isn’t a need to invest a huge amount of money. Even a fresh eraser can make your little one feel special.


Keep it real: Set realistic expectations for your child. If they are shy telling them how many “new friends” they will have may create more anxiety. Acknowledge and honor where your child is and who they are. Support them in making attainable goals that they set themselves. Whether its overcoming a social setback or an academic one, let them set the pace and reward their achievements, again this can be as simple as praise.


Incorporate Relaxation- The night before any big event can throw even the most laid back of us into a tizzy. Make sure you encourage enough relaxation the night before school to ensure your little one gets enough sleep. A bath and a gentle massage before bed with some homemade massage oils can help sooth your little one. Bach flowers are an easy and gentle way to stimulate release of negative emotions and bring about a more calm and balanced state.


Homeopathy- There are many homeopathic remedies that can help children overcome difficulties at school, some of the more common ones are-

  • Separation anxiety and shyness- Calc carb, Bar carb, Sil, Puls, Ars
  • Performance anxiety and nervousness- Gels, Lyc, Agr-n, Nux-v, Nat-m
  • Fear- Bell, Stram, Phos, Cham, Calc

As always with homeopathy, it is best used under the guidance of a qualified Homeopath.


Want to learn more about how Natural therapies can help your child? Contact me to book a pediatric appointment or Bach flower consultation and start your child on their journey to leading a more vibrant life.

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