Jan 1th

Beating those winter blahs

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It’s that time of year again here in Canada… As winter officially draws to a close and we inch closer to spring, time seems to slow down and it’s hard to remember what it feels like to be warm. Many people I speak to these days grumble about the endless cold and grey days and there is a general lack of optimism that spring will ever arrive. But winter doesn’t have to be all slush and frozen toes.  With a little preparation, even the most hardened winter-haters can become winter-lovers… or at least feel the chill a little less.

 Here are some tips to help you turn those winter blahs into winter hurrahs.

Embrace winter activities

Recent studies into depression among new immigrants, especially those from warmer climates has shown that they fare better when they take up a winter activity. We all know that time flies when you  are having fun, so finding something to love about winter can go a long way to making it feel a lot shorter. You don’t have to take up hockey or skiing, even quiet walks in a snow covered woods can help lift your spirits as you marvel at the transformation that takes place every winter.


Still can’t seem to make yourself go outside? Winter is a magical time of restoration and inner reflection. The world slumbers covered by a blanket of snow and prepares for change and growth in the spring. Give yourself permission and time to slow down and spend some time looking inward, winter can be a great time self reflection and personal work. A quiet activity like curling up with an uplifting book of treating yourself to long hot bubbly baths can help replenish our souls and recuperate from the work of the past year. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle touch modality that works deeply within the body. It can help heal both the physical and emotional trauma of illness or injury, help you achieve deep relaxation and relive stress significantly.

Cool things down

Many people adverse to the winter chill like to turn the thermostat way up as soon as the frost hits; but setting the thermostat too high can actually leaves you feeling colder. The bigger the difference in temperature between the outside and inside, the harder it will be for your body to respond to temperature changes when moving between the two. Ditch the shorts and embrace the sweater and slippers, your wallet will thank you too!

Heat things up

Adding warming herbs and spices to your cooking can help increase your internal thermostat and help keep you feeling toasty. Some good herbs to warm your system are Cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cardamom, garlic, horse radish and cayenne. Add these to recipes for a warming kick, herbal teas or pop a few cayenne caplets before heading out doors to help keep your toes toasty in your boots. ***because herbs are chemically active, consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant or have an underlying health condition.


How you eat and drink effects how well your body retains its heat. Being well hydrated is VERY important in avoiding hypothermia. Being sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your outdoor activities will ensure proper hydration. Warm drinks are especially good at keeping you warm in the cold. Proper hydration will also help relieve dry skin and hair caused by the dryer indoor air.

Take your Vitamins

the winter months means that we are eating more imported or preserved fruits and vegetables and although they are still a key part of a nutritious diet, their lower nutrient density may mean you need to supplement. Whether you opt for a multivitamin or not, one vitamin you need to supplement with during our northern winters is Vitamin D. Studies show that low levels of vitamin D can contribute to depression, lower brain function and is a contributing factor in SAD (seasonal affective disorder) It also plays an important role in immune function and can help keep winter colds from taking hold. Supplementing with 1000-2000IU of vitamin D in all the months with “R’s” can go a long way to making winter seem less bleak.

More than just a little blue

Sometimes winter blues are indicative of a much deeper underlying condition. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective way of overcoming winter sadness by addressing the inner imbalance, and can help you attain an improvement in both the physical and mental emotional aspects of depression permanently. It can be used in combination with other holistic modalities or conventional treatments without contraindication.

Do you want to learn more about using Homeopathy or Craniosacral therapy to improve your health? Book a FREE 15 minute consult and we can discuss your individual needs.