Oct 10th

Baby got the sniffles? Try Homeopathy!

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Cold and flu season is just around the corner and although you may do everything right to prevent it your little one can still come down with a bug or two this winter. Many over the counter medicines are contraindicated for babies under 6 months old, but your little one doesn’t need to suffer through the sniffles.

Homeopathy is a 200yr old stream of medicine that is gentle and safe for babies and nursing mothers. Rather than just suppressing symptoms the remedies work with your body to instigate a healing response affect a cure.  Remedies are individually chosen to cover the unique expression of the illness in a person. Here are some of the more common remedies prescribed for colds and flu in young children:

ACONITUM: useful primarily during the first 24 hours after the onset of a cold. Onset is SUDDEN. Child develops her cold or cough after being exposed to dry cold weather. Wakes from sleep with a dry, hoarse, croupy cough. She has a dry mouth, shortness of breath, and little expectoration. Worse from being cold, drinking cold water, lying on either side, and at night.

ALLIUM CEPA: child has a profuse, fluent, burning nasal discharge which is worse in a warm room and better in open air. The nasal discharge will irritate the child’s nostrils, causing pain from simply wiping his nose. He may also have profuse bland (non-burning) tearing from the eyes. He has reddened eyes and a tendency to rub them. Raw /tingling sensation in nose as well as violent sneezing. The child may occasionally experience a congestive headache in the front part of the head.

ARSENICUM: Influenza with gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea . Fever: High (102-104) following a two to three day onset Typically, the cold begins in the nose and moves down to the throat (once it goes down into the chest a different remedy is usually needed). Face is hot, craves open air yet body chilled. Worse: Midnight or 1am. Noon or 1pm. Thirst for small sips of water. Marked restlessness & anxiety, Needs Company at all times.

BELLADONNA: Sudden high fever.  The state is intense. This is a remedy of congestion so the face will be hot and red yet the feet and hands may be cool. Pupils may be dilated and eyes slightly glazed. Pink eye that is very red. Sudden stopping of nasal discharge and it is replaced by a congestive, usually throbbing, headache and high fever.

BRYONIA: Slowly progressing influenza severe aching. Fever: Heat with marked perspiration. Tremendous thirst, wants large gulps at intervals. Symptoms aggravated at 9pm. Worse: From the slightest motion, warm room. Restless feeling but intolerant to the slightest motion. Like Belladonna, stopped nasal discharge.

EUPHRASIA:  profuse burning tears from the eyes and a bland nasal discharge. The whites of the eyes and the cheeks become reddened from the burning tears. The eye symptoms are worse in the open air. sneezing, is worse at night, while lying down, and in windy weather. After a day or two of these profuse discharges, the cold then moves to the larynx, creating a hard cough and a hoarse voice. The cough is worse in the daytime and is ameliorated by lying down.

GELSEMIUM: Influenza with marked debility weakness and sleepiness. Fever: Slow, insidious onset of fever over one to three days. Chills running up and down the back. Tremulous weakness and heaviness of the limbs, eyelids and head. Headache from occiput radiating to forehead. Head heavy hardly able to lift head from pillow. General aggravation 10am. Thirst is usually minimal. Eyelids droopy or half shut

NATRUM MUR: beginning stages of a cold with sneezing. “Egg-white” nasal discharge. Runny eyes worse in open air or wind. Cold sores on lips, vesicles in mouth, cracked lips. Wants to be left alone. A dislike for sympathy. Cold starts with fits of sneezing and a thin catarrhal discharge consistency of the white of a raw egg. Nose maybe blocked with tendency towards developing cold sores.

PULSATILLA: thick, yellow or greenish mucus, and a bland discharge (a discharge that does not irritate or burn the nostrils or facial skin). They have nasal congestion that is worse at night, especially upon lying down, which leads to mouth breathing during sleep. Congestion is worse in a warm room and is more fluent in the open air. Dry mouth but are thirstless. Emotional, sensitive, and easily hurt. They are moody and weep easily. They crave affection and sympathy and cannot get enough of it. Great changeability in symptoms.

ANAS BARBARIAE: Although this medicine (commonly marketed as “Oscillococcinum“) is primarily effective in treating influenza, homeopaths have also found that it can also be helpful in treating the common cold. There are no known symptoms from which to individualize treatment, though it has been found to be very effective when used within 48 hours of onset of symptoms. Consider giving it if you don’t know which other medicine to give.


The following is just a basic guideline for dosing homeopathic remedies. For most acute conditions a potency of 30C will suffice, these are readily available at any health food store.

  • Do not touch pellets with hands
  • Dissolve 2-3 pellets in 1 cup of filtered water. Use a non metal spoon 1 tsp= 1 dose.
  • Take 1 dose every 30 min – 2hr until there is action (intensity =frequency)
  • STOP the doses if there is any improvement and only resume dosing as symptoms return
  • If after 3-4 doses there is no improvement select another remedy
  • A cold that has been ongoing for 2 weeks will not resolve in 10 min, therefore try 4 doses/day over 2-3 days.
  • Sudden and intense illness responds faster than slow illnesses.


Although homeopathy is fantastic for acute conditions, it is most powerful when taken constitutionally under the guidance of a trained homeopathic practitioner. If you suspect a medical emergency or are unsure of treatment seek medical attention immediately.

For more information on how homeopathy can benefit you and your family please book a FREE 15 minute consult.


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Mar 3st

How to sooth a teething baby

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Today’s post is a quicky! Having a cranky teething baby is absolutely no fun. Watch this short video to learn a simple and inexpensive way to sooth your unhappy little one.

Need more help with a cranky baby? Homeopathy offers a safe, gentle and effective way to relieve many common childhood complaints. A qualified homeopath will work with you to find an effective and individualized treatment plan so both you an your baby can lead a happier more balanced life. Why not book a baby wellness appointment today!


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