Jan 1th

Hitting the Reboot button for 2016!

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Statistics tell us that that around 2/3rds of Canadians make New Year’s resolutions, the vast majority of these  will involve some kind of health or lifestyle change. Sadly less than 8% will manage any measurable success by years end.

So why do so many of us fail?

True change comes from a place of optimism  and self love, two things that are probably lacking as we roll off the tail end of a season of hustle, stress and intense overindulgence. Many resolutions, especially those having to do with health often come from a place of disappointment or self deprecation. But punishing yourself for that extra christmas cookie or chocolate and coffee for breakfast on the 26th *gasp!* is certainly not the way to make positive strides towards a healthier set of patterns.  By the time the last of the holiday bills comes in at the end of January stress, disappointment & pure exhaustion at the long cold days are all driving us to fall back into old patterns.

Is your new year’s resolution starting to lose steam?

Having made, and broken, more New Years promises than I care to remember; I get where you are at. That is why for the month of February I have put together an amazing, motivational and super easy program to help you kick out of that post holiday slump no matter what your health goals are.


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Big or small, we can achieve it together!

The program will be run in a virtual format with packages delivered to your inbox regularly.

You will receive:

  • a healthy meal plan each week stuffed with healthy recipes and a quick and easy shopping list so you can be in and out of the grocery store in minutes.
  • motivation, tips and personal challenges to keep you on track.
  • Access to a private online group to participate in fun challenges, receive group motivation, and chances to win some cool prizes.
  • Ongoing holistic nutritional support from myself
  • How to tutorials and videos

You will learn how to:

  • Break bad habits, and start healthier ones
  • set goals to achieve success.
  • Easy tips for everyday health eating on a budget and in a rush
  • Boost immune function for a healthier year
  • Increase your energy
  • Reduce stress
  • support healthy detoxing (from all that chocolate!)

Ready to hit Reboot? Sign up today to reserve your spot!




Not Quite ready to commit? Join me for a FREE no obligation info session on Thursday January 21 at 7pm to learn more

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