Jun 6th

“It’s a dangerous thing, stepping out your door…

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… you step into a road and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to.” –Bilbo Baggins.

Sometimes the best way to get somewhere is to go all the way around, this is certainly true of my journey to becoming a homeopath. When I was younger I knew I wanted to help others and work in the health care field, but after exploring the options available in conventional medicine, I decided that it wasn’t for me. I had been raised holistically, my parents rarely using any allopathic drugs and choosing to treat our illnesses the way my great grandmother had, with herbs and other kitchen medicines. I used these in my own life and shared them with anyone brave enough to try my potions and concoctions, usually my dad.  Although I dabbled and experimented with many holistic modalities from the time I was 15, I had no idea that it could be my career and when the time came I chose instead to pursue another one of my loves and developed a career working with children. Over the years I learned many great life lessons from these little souls, and despite the deep enjoyment I derived from working with them something was still missing. As I grew older and had my own children I became aware of the many exciting options there were in complimentary health care. I had long ago been impressed by my personal experiences with homeopathy and after much soul searching, I decided to pursue a career as a Homeopath.

The world opens upLast Thursday marked an important ending for me with my graduation from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. With this end not only came the closing of my long running Day care and a chapter of my life, but also an important beginning with the exciting work of opening my wellness clinic and growing my homeopathic practice. Despite not being the most direct route, I am thankful for the detour, as it has enabled me to combine my two biggest loves: children and homeopathic medicine. This blog is intended as a gateway, not just for me to share my personal thoughts on health care, but also as a resource for patients, colleagues and curious people to share knowledge about homeopathy and holistic living. In the mean time I will be implementing some health changes of my own over the next little while to stave off the after effects of 3 intense years of post-graduate education.  There are many exciting developments on the way and I hope you will keep me company on this journey as we share in the life learning that Homeopathic practice brings.

Yours in Health