Oct 10th

Holiday Survival 101

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So the big turkey dinner was a huge success but now you have come up out of your tryptophan induced stupor and realized you overdid it yet again and are frantically surfing the internet looking for relief. Well you’re here now and there’s no judgment, we’ll take care of you.

Homeopathy is a gentle and effective way to treat both chronic and acute conditions. Here are some common homeopathic remedies for overindulgence and stomach upset, along with their differentiating characteristics. Select the remedy that best matches the symptoms you are experiencing.

Help I’m feeling like an overstuffed turkey!

CARBO-VEG- You just ate too much and now you feel so sluggish and ill you don’t want to do anything. Flopped in the Lazy boy recliner you feel chilly but can’t stand any heat and you need fresh air so you are fanning yourself with the latest issue of Home & Garden trying to get relief. Extreme bloating, indigestion belching and gastric reflux plague you now and the smell is putrid. You are worse late at night especially if dinner was late. You wake shortly after falling asleep with hot flushes rising up from the abdomen like waves with an anxious feeling. Occasionally explosive diarrhea can bring some relief.

LYCOPODIUM– You knew you should stop eating but that sweet pumpkin pie was just irresistible to your sweet tooth. Now you are bloated and have indigestion and can’t stand any pressure on your over extended gut. There are ominous gurgling noises emanating from the abdomen and copious amounts of noisy wind. You probably shouldn’t have boasted about how much more pie you could eat than Cousin Steve.

PULSATILLA- You floated the mashed potatoes in gravy, ate everyone else’s turkey skin and since you couldn’t decide between the pumpkin pie and ice-cream you had both, with extra whip cream of course! Over indulgence from too much fat has now left you feeling less than perky and you just want to curl up on the couch with a cool compress and have mom look after you like when you were 5. Your symptoms are changing constantly and you can’t tolerate the stuffiness of the room.


Too much wine, too much coffee, too much turkey… Fix me NOW!

NUX VOMICA- The 5 empty bottles of wine may explain the splitting pain in your head and the glare of the laptop is almost too much to bear, but you need to find some relief for overdoing it last night. Everything makes you feel like you are going to toss your cookies and you really wish you could because you know it would make you feel better. All that rich undigested food is feeling like a block of cement in your gut. You are feeling irritable and impatient and want a solution NOW! This is a classic over indulgence remedy and should be a staple in all college students and turkey hounds emergency kits.


Oh no Aunt Martha undercooked the turkey!

ARSENICUM ALBUM- You knew the juices were still running pink but the smell was killing you and you ate it anyways. Now you are chilly and in agony and it feels like the turkey was still alive enough to be clawing its way out of your gut. Simultaneous vomiting and burning diarrhea have you feeling anxious and you are sure that you will not survive to see the New year. You are weak and exhausted from the ordeal but midnight finds you pacing the floor unable to find comfort.


Ugh… mugffufle…burp

SULPHURIC ACID- You ate too much and now the heartburn is killing you. You can’t bear the smell of coffee or alcohol, but perhaps a bit of water with a drop of brandy would settle things or at least get rid of these hiccoughs that are making you nauseated.

Post turkey Wakeup-call

SUPHUR- The sun hadn’t even peeked over the horizon and you were running to the bathroom to relieve yourself. Now everyone else in the house is awake with the pungency of your ordeal.

Dosing: For acute conditions it is best to start with a 30C and dose hourly until there is an improvement in symptoms. It is important to stop taking the remedy when there is an improvement and hold off on dosing until the symptoms start to reappear.  If after 3 doses there is no improvement you have selected the wrong remedy. Reevaluate the case or call your homeopath.

Although homeopathy is fantastic for acute conditions, it is most powerful when taken constitutionally under the guidance of a trained homeopathic practitioner. If you suspect a medical emergency or are unsure of treatment seek medical attention immediately.

For more information on how homeopathy can benefit you and your family please book a FREE 15 minute consult.





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