Sep 9th

Will Lab-Farms one day replace Factory- Farms?

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I came across this article today and my reply got so lengthy it became worthy of its own blog. Basically the article talks about the potential of replacing animal farms with  animal tissue grown in a Petri dish. The emerging technology, which has garnered the support of animal welfare groups such as PETA is far from producing its 1st quarter pounders, yet the very fact that it is a distinct possibility feels me with horror.

It is an interesting concept to consider as we move from an industrial age to a technological one, where once we looked to the assembly line to solve our social problems it is only natural that we now look to the lab. Though vegetarians and vegans may salivate at the prospect of tossing aside their cardboard burgers for an “ethical” bite of the real deal I have to wonder, is anyone asking what the long term impacts of this would be? I mean other than Margaret Atwood in Oryx and Crake.

A couple of summers ago I had the privilege of spending some time in the North West Territories, where many people still hunt as a way of life and the ebb and flow of nature’s seasons can be seen reflected on the dinner tables as well as in the weather. It is a fact that the rate of animal cruelty increases the further you move away from a paleo lifestyle, as does the concept of being vegan and I can’t help wonder what will happen to our empathy towards living things is further depleted by severing that last connection we have to our food supply.

There is no argument to be made in the defense of factory farming. This 1st world industrialized nation atrocity must be put to an end, as should the high consumption of meat products. Animals harvested for sustenance should be revered, tended to with love and in my opinion- be a pre-existing part of the local ecology. The problem isn’t eating meat, nor is it eating animals. The problem is consumption and by allowing burgers to be grown in a lab under the guise of ethics, gives the green light to our over consumption and rape and plunder attitude that got us in this mess to begin with.

…And don’t even get me started on the health implications or bio hazardous waste that would be generated by these labs! In order to reverse or even halt the damage we have done to our environment we must change our perception of our role on this planet; until then, all else is folly.

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